Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles will create a really attractive statement and will fit in with most interior designs. Eligant and striking these candles make a wonderful center piece either in the harth of an open fireplace or on the dinning room table.  You will get an excellent burn time from the larger candles you can also choose from a veriety of hieghts and diametres which can be displayed for extra effect that will look fantastic in your chosen room.

Pillar candles can be found in a vast array of shapes sizes and colour as well as a choice of lively vibrant fragrances that will fill the home, Pillars are especially noticeable if they are arranged in groups of differing length candles especially when situated in larger areas.

Mix up large candles with smaller Tea Liights to and shorter Church candles for an impress candlescape that will look warm and bright.

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