Votive Candles

Votive Candles are often used as religious offering, Such offerings use a specific type of candles. Those are known as votive candles however the candles more recently have become very popular in the home adding colour and fragrance to any room.

A typical votive candle used to be very small in size. It also used to be either white or yellow in color. As time has passed, the candles now come in the size of a regular candle, which is two inches long and 1inch of diameter. It also comes in every possible shade today.

A typical votive candle is generally made of wax and paraffin. However, different manufacturing companies use different proportions of paraffin. This results in different melting points of votive candles. The melting point and duration are also greatly affected by the type of wax used for the candle. Most of the candles are made of either vegetable wax or bee wax.

Such candles are used for votive offerings. These are mostly placed on the pedestal of the statue as a burning offering.

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