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Multi Wick

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What is one feature that has recently turned the candle world almost upside down? You got that right. It is the introduction of using multiple wicks on a single candle. A candle with multiple wicks is called a multi wick candle today.
Candles with a single wick have been in practice since time immemorial. We were quite accustomed to the fact with candles burning from top to bottom. That is why people had a hard time with multi wick candles at the beginning. However, a multi wick candle has the exact same efficiency of a typical single wick candle. In fact, it produces a light source that can be five times more radiant than a light source produced by any single wick candle.
Christopher Van Bommel came up with this revolutionary idea. A multi wick candle starts with the ignition of one single flame in the beginning and eventually lighting up five different flames at the same time that can result up to five hours each.