50 Citronella Garden Tea Light Candles
only £8.50
10-Pack Glo-Wax Luminary Bags (Style B) with FREE 10hr Tea lights by S...
£9.99 £5.99
Personalised Pink Church Candle from Pmc
only £8.52
10 x Floating Lanterns - Floating Water Lanterns by Sky Lanterns Ltd.
only £18.99
Yankee Candle 5x Mixed Fragrance Wax Tarts from yankee candle/Bubblelu...
only £7.93
Large Wax Candle H155mm x dia 125mm-3wick from Commeral
only £16.95
Candles - Church Pillar (150 hrs) Candle for the Home and Garden from ...
£7.40 £7.30
Vanilla Bean Church Pillar Candle 100 Hours by Salco
only £6.46
Prices 150 x 80 Altar Candle by Prices
only £5.29
St Eval Scented Church Candle - 6.25cm x 3.75cm (Joy)
only £5.99

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A scented Candle is a luxury that anyone can afford, providing an design accessory that will add to the look and feel of any home. Transforming a room mood takes seconds that will leave a lasting impression

Or Perhaps light your bathroom in a fragrance and candle light that will both relax and soothe. Or just quite simply create an area of romantic calm for yourself and your partner.